Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday intervals

"The big thing for you will be holding back and not doing too much training and too much intensity. I know you!"
 Tim DeBoom in an e-mail yesterday...

Today was a slight build on to last week's run workout. 3 sets of (400/ 400/ 400/ 200/ 200) all on full recovery. The full recovery is critical for a workout like this because fatigue prevents you from running truly fast. The 400's were run on a hill that was roughly 200m up/ 200m down. I ran controlled with 5:30-5:45 pace on the 200 up and then just relaxing on the downs which I was seeing a lot of 4:40-4:50 paces. This is a little bit of practice for the downs on Evans which I fully plan to exploit and train specifically for. The 200's were up a very steep grade at close to maximum efforts and I was hitting ~45" on each.
 I was right at 8500ft altitude for this workout and my central governor adviser never came in to play, I cut the dude off mid sentence and told him to take a seat in the corner. The speed of the intervals were OK considering the altitude and the grades. People may think I am an advocate of moderate MAF running, but I would argue that the MAF running is only a means to the end that matters. I advocate building base fitness to a point where you can then try to kill yourself with intensity, something I see very few people actually doing. I felt nothing from this workout. 


GZ said...

Impeach the governor.

Rick said...

Great stuff!
Is it confirmed that there's a good 900' of descent at Mt. Evans?
You just got me all off my rocker for my run tomorrow. I'm going to tell my gag-reflex to go sit in the corner and shut it's mouth.

Lucho said...

Rick- Not sure on the total drop at Evans, but Bob (who placed second last year) said that he was shocked at how slow guys were running the downs. The transition between up and down, and particularly the down then up, is tough but something trainable and worth while. I suspect that Matt C was very quick on any descent... but then he was also a total bad ass on any up too!
Gag reflex? We're talking about running right? Or is it another up and down you're referring to? Sorry, you lobbed that one in there.

Gz- Ya, the guy's got to go.

P. said...

"i felt nothing"

i couldn't help but read that in the voice of the russian guy in rocky 3.

chase cutting: you must be the russian guy from rocky 3, but co-opting rock's barnyard training routines.

am i supposed to be making legit comments about training and stuff? i don't get these running blogs any more. thank god you're still making dick sucking jokes and stuff. i'd have stopped reading long ago.

uh oh.

have you seen the mtb vid i posted on the blog? almost makes me want to finance a bike at the shop.


GZ said...

Definitely NO WAY is there 900 feet of drop at Evans. There is a little bit of drop at one point that is a nice reprieve, most notably near 12 miles as you drop a bit towards Summit Lake - but it ain't no 900 feet.


Lucho said...

P- I am definitely Rock... Drago was a pussy. Give me logs to cut, a beard and SNOW and I thrive.
I get you on the running blobs. I try to break it up with inappropriate jokes now and then. And the odd MTB video helps too. Liked yours by the way.

GZ- I've never run it or even driven it so I'll take your word for it. I think I did see on some elevation profile though that it said 900ft of drop?

kerrie said...

did you puke? only then are you killing yourself with intensity and ignoring the governor. otherwise, you're still a giant pu$$y.

Lucho said...

No puke, I haven't eaten anything for a few days. I did pass out a couple of time though but simply because I held my breath on each one.

Rick said...

OK I tossed you that one, but I was just referring to vomitting not bobbing!