Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Log weight contest and hilly bike.

You guys are very flattering. #155 pounds, I weighed it twice. The two logs are quite a bit different in diameter and I added a pic of the #200 pound log on the scale.
  Ward guessed 353 pounds!? Thanks man, do I look that huge? And Dave (of course) guessed boobs which should win it just because. And GZ accidentally threw out a winning weight, but it was my weight, not the log's. Any suggestions for the next contest?  
155 pounds

155 pounds

200 pounds for the old log

My ride today. 35 miles with 6550 feet of climbing with an average HR of 140. Max HR 161. I don't think it got above 30 degrees the entire ride.I'm at 10,600ft of vertical for the week and I'm tempted to push it and see if I can get 30000 by Sunday. One goal I have set for myself before Leadville is get a 56,000ft week. 8 grand of climbing per day would be pretty solid and fun to have a go at. I would want some stipulation as to how much is running and how much is biking. 8000+ per day is still 8000 per day no matter how you cut it up though. 


GZ said...

FWIW - I can't use the glasses anyway because I need a prescription set.

Did I get your wt right?

Next contest - how far can Lucho THROW the log.

The old one.

Rick said...

What I saw in the video was you lifted each log pretty much the same with your legs, but there was a noticable difference, to me, when you pushed the 2nd log away from your chest - that push looked a little harder than the first one - just sayin'!
56,000' of vert in a week, no matter how you divide it, it's beyond solid. Do it in whatever way feels right, then do it again in a way that's a little bit harder ;-)

Lucho said...

GZ- That's easy... 0 feet. Better yet- how fast will Lucho heal from hernia surgery from trying to throw the log.

Rick- If you look closely when I get the #155 log to my chest I push it up with pretty much one hand. And also when I move it right before I flip the #200 pound log it looks light.

Brett said...

Maybe the next one is guess which IPA you had with dinner.

P. said...

hart done got you all hot and bothered.

Lucho said...

Brett- Hmmmm, could be a good one. How about how many IPA's I had for dinner. Er, you said WITH dinner, sorry.

P- I won't deny that because it's true. 6500 vert wasn't simple today... and he did twice that every day for a week. Sick.

Ward said...

Yeah, in hindsight I went a little bit high I thought. I used this -

- to calculate the weight, but had to guess on the diameter and length and type of wood.