Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Day 5- 4637+

1220 ft of vertical with 10 X 600m uphill (originally planned as 8 but I felt awesome.) I just tried to get each one under 7:00 pace which I did. My legs feel great and very healthy but have very little sharpness for fast intervals (uphill at 8500ft altitude anyway.) The hill was steep enough though to not need to feel sharp, strength sufficed. Bill Fanselow stopped to chat for a bit, always good to see him.

Pm) Road bike 3417+. Got caught in a blizzard up high (~20 degrees) which made for a sketchy descent on dirt road and road slicks.
 31900 feet total so far in 5 days.


Rick said...

That's a great sign when you can add on 2 more intervals!
I'm itchin' to try this one out now. I think 122' in 600m is right about a 6% grade so I should be able to find a spot on the BRPW. Now I just need to find a spot on the parkway that's 8,500' ;-)

Lucho said...

Ya, it's usually a tough call on adding intervals. It may be better to run the planned session harder if you feel that good after. I didn't really have a "harder" though so I extended it.