Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday randomness

 Oliver was fussy last night and I didn't sleep until 1:00am and I don't remember my alarm even going off. No Am run but hopefully the baby jogger will come out today.
 We woke up to ~4" of new snow which we need badly in terms of fire danger this Summer. It's already in the 40's so the snow will be gone by noon.

4 Crosses waiting for me

My new racing hat

This is a shot of Blue Mountain (tops out at 9200ft) which is part of the North JeffCo Mountain Park. This park easily rivals Boulder and crushes it in terms ruggedness (4 Crosses is part of it). It's higher (the low point would be 7400ft altitude) and steeper. The Coal Creek trail committee has formed (I have yet to show up for a meeting though) and the plan is to develop all of this in to a trail system. This would possibly link Walker to Vista Ridge to Blue Mountain to Golden Gate to White Ranch... think about that. EPIC. Blue Mountain is completely sick in terms of terrain and I have already been running it since we moved here. There is a solid trail system in the park but it's a lot of animal trails and jeep roads. I'm super excited for this because it is only 2 miles from my house.


Jim P. said...

Man...I want a tour up there one of these days!

Rick said...

Nice racing hat - I sent you a photo of my new racing hand-held.

Lucho said...

Ha! Whats' that thing weigh empty? 3 pounds? I love it. I want to see you at the 14th mile of Evans after finishing that bad boy.