Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday baby jogger run

pushing 100 pounds at 8200ft altitude
 First thing this morning I did a fairly hard squat session. Reps of 20/ 16/ 12/ 8/ 6/ 30 using 65#/ 85/ 105/ 125/ 145/ 85. The last set of 30 is a kick in the butt.
 Then GZ e-mailed and said he was free this afternoon so he drove up and we ran 8 miles (1500ft of vertical) with the baby jogger. He got to push it a bit up a couple of solid climbs. This was the first time GZ has run up here and since he works less than 30:00 away I hope it becomes a regular thing. Great conversation.


GZ said...

I hope it becomes a regular thing too. I need to get back up there to video that stunt car driver you have. I am kicking myself for not getting that vid.

Fun stuff today. That baby jogger thing t'ain't bad a'tall. Compared to lighting yourself on fire.

Lucho said...

Ya, Ben's pretty amazing with that thing. A 4 year old driving at a 14 year old level.
Thanks again for the company. Next time with out the jogger I'll show you some back country running. Bring a compass and a handgun.