Saturday, February 5, 2011

The science and art of recovery for trail running

Ok, maybe not science... but this beer could be called art. I finally bucked up and bought some Gubna. Support the local economy... ya. That's why I did it. 21 miles of jogging in dumping snow (we're at ~7" now) followed by shoveling the driveway followed by this gem of an IPA.

And Ian Sharman just ran a 12:44 100 mile at Rocky Raccoon, no one was even in the same time zone. That's 7:38 pace. That's nearly 7 HOURS faster than I ran Leadville. Damn. He is an aerobic monster!


Michelle Simmons said...

I'm also recovering like a champ and supporting my local economy... drinking a limited release Pipeline Porter with 100% Hawaiian Coffee from Kona Brewing Company. :)

jameson said...

I love the GUBNA.... but yeah it's pricey. Only a once-in-a-while IPA for me.... maybe if I had to shovel snow I would feel worthy to such a gem more often!

Footfeathers said...

More of a pain enduring monster. Amazing.

Brett said...

12:44 is a 7:38 pace for 100 miles. The scary thing is its a 20 mile loop and his first 4 loops were 2h29m, 2h25m, 2h29m, 2h35 - 80 miles of the same pace (7:29). CRAZY.

If I ran with him, I would have probably made it to mile 90 or 91 before I would have had to drop (assuming I started around mile 85 or 86).

Even though the course is flat, I've heard its zig zaggy through the woods with lots of roots.

Last September at Hinson Lake I saw Mike Morton (former WS100 winner) pass through 93 miles in 11:5X - he faded a tad to hit 100 a few minutes over 13 hours. It hit 97 degrees that day and was over 90 degrees for like 10 hours. We all just looked at each other like he was literally some kind of impervious Terminator machine.

Its amazing what the human body can do. (Not mine, other people's.)

Matt said...

Nice recovery!
I think I paid $4 for a can a while back. It was yummy. That brewery is the real deal. Pricey but no bullshit.

mtnrunner2 said...

>Ian Sharman... 100 mile... 7:38 pace

I think aliens are breeding with humans and we just don't know it yet.

>jogging in dumping snow

I love that. I was sliding on the same snow today at Vail. And actually ran a bit on it too. Good times.

The Gubna is one of the few beers that pushes my palate's envelope. It is one big a** beer.

GZ said...

10 percent. Damn.

Yeah, that was a track meet at RR.

Makes looking at what YK did even more amazing.

P. said...

before winter ends, perhaps locate a sixer of bell's hopslam ale? i'd find me some oskar but ain't no liquor store in this state'd carry an outside beeyur. bummer.