Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday 13 miles with 2 mile uphill finish at threshold

 I drove down to the bottom of the canyon and ran on the shoulder of the roads. It was (at best) 10 degrees and snowing and the footing was pretty sketchy.

13 miles in 1:30. Average 6:55 pace with 1200ft of climbing all between 6200-6700ft altitude.

The last 2 miles were uphill at HR 170-175. Before the last 2 miles I was averaging 6:46 pace so I lost a lot of pace at the end. I'm happy with this run though. The footing was very slick and as I said, it was maybe 10 degrees. My cheeks are tender and a bit burned. Solid backup to yesterday, which I forgot to post the totals... 12 miles with 2400ft of climbing at 8:38 average pace


Matt said...

Quick question about altimeter v. Garmin accum. elevation data. Any discrepancies?

If you run with your garmin and it says 1500ft. ascent, is that 1500ft.?

I "stole" your program you gave Rick.
Great stuff.

Lucho said...

GZ is the guy to ask on that. I haven't used my Garmin software in years and just use my altimeter for vertical.

GZ said...

Neither unit is good for elevation gain on a treadmill, so I have no idea.

GZ said...

... on Garmin's: it is all about the software that interprets the elevation data.

Because the calculation of elevation is the least reliable on a GPS, you could turn on your GPS, not move if you watch the elevation display on the watch - it will change.

What software does, like Garmin Connect, Sporttracks, etc - is correct the elevation. So it is pretty correct.

By pretty correct, I mean this: this ain't split spider web strands accurate. Folks make a pretty big deal about whether a 5k course is accurate when they measure their distance on a GPS at 3.09. Simply put, generally owned GPS units on the move ain't that accurate. Close enough for us though.

Altimeters are probably about the same in accuracy. I have worn both units and they come in pretty close (within 1 percent of each other). The thing that can jack with an altimeter - since it is barometrically based is changes in weather (pressure). Typically you are not going to see that in the elevations we run around here in the winter ... much more possible in the summer when those low pressure systems blow in.

Lucho said...

Perfect explanation! Thanks

Dax said...

Speaking of tender cheeks...sorry, couldn't resist. How's the lung infection? I'm dealing with one that I'm trying to run through, been about a week and a half and it's not clearing. Maybe it's time to break down and hit the drugs.

Lucho said...

Dax- Nothing wrong with my lungs, I have a sinus infection. It's clearing out quickly!