Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 Things have been excellent as always. My exercising and fitness are where I choose to have them and things are good. Running has picked up considerably but I still haven't put on a watch for any of them. Just my pocket altimeter. Easy jogging is all. My biking has been huge though. Today was a 40:00 run preceding a bike with Tim DeBoom. My HR averaged 163 over the few hours we rode which left me feeling nauseated and loopy. The wind was howling up North and Tim is just too strong to allow me to cruise easy when a 20mph wind is in my face. Something I was reminded of today is Tim's affinity for the big ring during his base period... he only shifted out of it in the last couple of miles. Tim doesn't race with a low cadence and this is just strength work. 20mph head wind uphill and he was pushing 53X15 pretty easily. Tomorrow is a loooong mountain bike ride that is probably going to hurt even worse.
 I drank 2 bottles of Gatorade (powdered) which wasn't near enough. Post ride was 1 liter of water, an apple, and maybe 3 cups (6 huge handfuls) of raisins (for balancing my blood's pH and glycogen).


mtnrunner2 said...

>Tim's affinity for the big ring

Which I still think of as the Ullrich way, vs. the Lance way.

I'd be interested to hear your 2 cents on the nausea thing. Assuming what you are consuming something that irritates your stomach, do you think it's often due to a significant lack of fuel? It used to happen to me on longer runs until I started eating whenever I felt hungry, now I'm pretty much fine.

Lucho said...

The nausea in my case today was dehydration (my athletes will give me crap about this). I just didn't drink enough and I also rode fairly hard. The stomach is one of the first things to shut down during times of high stress. It's part of the 'fight or flight' mechanism where the cardiovascular system diverts blood from less important organs and extremities and uses that blood instead for the brain, lungs, heart and working muscles. When you are being chased by a saber tooth tiger you don't need to eat.

footfeathers said...

The stomach is an important organ for me!

I've found that simple sugars (and even complex ones sometimes) get me sick feeling and bloated. I wish I could get chicken soup into a gel pack.

Lucho said...

You could do chicken broth in a bladder.