Monday, November 22, 2010

Week recap and The Silver King

  I'm officially entered in to the Silver Rush 50 mile bike and run races. 
Solid week of training for me mostly on the bike but I also had two solid squat and dead lift sessions. My squat and more so my dead lift weight continues to climb. I'm going to have to buy more plates. I built a squat rack in my shed which has turned out to be ideal. It cost me $20 and I hit it immediately after stepping of the bike.
 Saturday was a bike with Tim DeBoom which I felt was a test for me of sorts. I fared well and Tim, being overly generous I'm sure, said that we rode harder than he would have liked and that I was "damn strong". I was able to talk (and laugh) the entire ride even though we were moving quite fast. I think it helped that I was riding with one of the nicest and most laid back guys in sport.
  I also jogged twice.


Matt said...

He seems super cool. I liked watching (reading about, following on the net sorta) DeBoom and Reid battle with those Germans.

Is he Leadville bound like you? What's he up to beyond IM?

And is the squat rack where the bar slides up and down okay?

Lucho said...

Matt- The Smith Machine or Smith Rack is OK for simply learning proper squat technique. You could also use it to target different muscles, but I wouldn't. The Smith Rack eliminates the need to stabilize the load which is one of the better benefits to squatting. Squatting provides nearly 100% core activation (core meaning glutes, hips, lower abdominals, lower back) through their need to stabilize the spine. You may actually increase risk of injury by eliminating these muscle groups from doing their job. Squats are very safe if you use truly PROPER form, safer than the Smith Rack and even the leg press machine which places tremendous stress on your lower back (because of muscle deactivation and the rounding of your spine). I think the best way to teach proper squat form is to use light dumbbells or just a ~15# bar and perform FRONT squats where you hold the weight in front up by the front of your deltoids or across your sternum.
Tim might do the Silver Rush 50 MTB that I am entered in. And we have kicked around the idea of the Trans-Rockies race but he may be in Europe and I might do the Leadville 100 run. Probably no more WTC (official Ironmans) for him... ever again. And he is super cool! It's not often that you get to meet one of the greatest athletes in a sport and they turn out to exceed your expectations as a person... but he does.

Matt said...

A video of proper squatting (beginner approach toward more advanced form) would be nice! Since that's such an important strengthening exercise for you (and your athletes?).
I know it's very quality stuff.
I feel good just using the Smith Rack, but want to advance.

Dead lift?
Lunges with weights?

Thanks, Lucho.

Lucho said...

I'll bust out my Speedo so you can view proper gluteal activation. Ack!

Dead lifts (Olympic lifts) are my newest favorite. In my opinion THE most functional power building exercise. You work nearly every muscle in your body and it has strength implications that apply to every day life. Power cleans are also sweet (IE: my log flipping) but you can't use as much weight.
I'll try to get a video posted.

Jeff Valliere said...

Since moving to Colorado, I have only been dropped once while I considered myself to be in good biking shape. I was moving quickly up Lefthand and a few miles before the kick up to Ward, I looked back and could see a cyclist slowly gaining on me. I upped the pace, determined to not get caught, but I was soon reeled in. We chatted for a bit, before he dropped me on the steep pitch. Turns out it was Tim.

Lucho said...

Jeff- And a little bird told me that you were a bad-ass cyclist which I never knew. Tim trained a lot with Christian Van De Velde and Hamilton. He's a tough un.

tomdog said...

Lucho, just curious as to why you say no more official WTC Ironmans for Tim? As an unltrarunner and newer cyclist who is considering doing some half WTC events next year, I was curious as the logic behind his thoughts? I know there is a lot of political garbage behind the scenes and their costs continue to increase, but everyone seems enamored by the M-Dot logo races.

I am trying to plan my races for next year and tris are a maybe, followed by some cycling races in the hotter months, or just doing some longer ultras with some Leadville races on the map.

Really enjoy your blog and have fun at the Silver King. I may also put in for the pb MTB 100.

Lucho said...

Tom- Keep in mind that Tim is a professional and has won Hawaii two times. He's raced Kona like 15 times or something. The guy has earned some respect which he isn't getting from the corporation.
Good luck! Maybe I'll see you at Leadville.

GZ said...

I think Lucho is being a bit kind.

Effectively WTC has changed its qualification rules for Kona. Pro's need to get in qualification races in order to toe the line at Kona.

I get why they are doing that, but I think this is one case where WTC can learn something from that mountain race called Pikes: let prior champions have free entry with no questions for life unless they do something to specifically lose that priv. This is the case at Pikes, and I think it is a good tradition / rule.

Think if Allen or Scott want to come back to Kona they are going to do a qual race?

BTW, mountain races can learn a lot from WTC ... like on coverage of the race (ahem, Pbville).