Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wenesday hill Vo2 max reps and marathon training ramble

8 X 40" at sub 6:00 pace. I ran these until I could no longer hold sub 6 pace. Recoveries were up hill jogging for ~2:00. Finally after almost 2 years I can definitely feel my body beating the altitude. These were done on a hill between 8,600 and 10,100 feet altitude and my breathing was never an issue and I was able to push my legs to burn and to fail. When I first moved up here I couldn't push my legs to hurt but my breathing would sky rocket.

 My marathon plan for this coming training block is considerably more different than in the past. When I lived in Lafayette I was able to run consistent 100-140 mile weeks with tons of quality piled on top (some weeks I would run 2-3 quality sessions and then finish with a 25-28 mile long run at well under 7:00 pace)... both of these factors contributed to my failure to run well (or at least near my potential) at the marathon. This go around I am planning my training entirely around recovery with very few actual data goals. I'll listen to my body above all other aspects of training. I think the altitude and hills where I live make 60-80 miles per week more equivalent to 100 miles of stress at flat low altitude. And stress is what it's all about. Progressive overload is about stressing our bodies to adapt to a stimulus. And I am also going to gravitate more towards a masters (or old guys) focus. As we age, Vo2 max, power and strength all start to leave us more quickly and are harder to develop. My strength in the weight room is good for me right now and I will continue to push this through the next month or two. My hill climbing strength is excellent but my Summer plans will probably include some hill races so this will also be an ongoing focus. I may also have a bike sponsor for the Leadville 100 bike race. If the timing works out this is definitely on my table for the Summer.
 So I guess my focus for this next season of jogging will be over-all health along with speed and endurance. I have two sons who are going to someday want me to do adventurous and crazy things with them... when I'm 55 I want my boys to have to work to stay ahead of their dad.


J.P. Patrick said...

Your last paragraph contains the best goal you've ever set. I'm with you, brother!

keith_S said...

As a 40 year old training for his second marathon, I simply love reading your blogs about training for one. I have learned as much from your site as I have from anywhere, and I like that you have real world experience, as in your are doing it while you tell us about it.

Keep it coming!

Lucho said...

JP- Coming from (and still being at) Ironman you get it. I miss that versatility and strength but I am getting it back. If I do the Leadville 100 bike we have to hook up for some rides next Summer! I'll be doing the single speed race so I'll want to come down and ride the flats a bit.

Keith- I could write a page a day on training if I had time and motivation! Since coaching is my job it's about all I think about and I love the fact that I can take some of my own (and others) ideas and experiment on myself. I always wonder how other coaches do this? I guess they use their athletes as guinea pigs?