Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 Nothing new, just hanging with the boys and lifting a lot of weights. I built a squat rack in my shed so I get to do my favorite lift as much as my legs will handle. Soon I'll be limited by weight as I only have 150 pounds available. I have two truck tires that each weigh ~45# that I can throw on the bar... they're my beatin' tires for the sledge hammer. I am also messing around with a ~200# log that provides an amazingly difficult full body ass whoopin when you flip it end over end (power clean it up to my chest, then walk it upright with my hands and tip it over). I made 4 flips before nearly loosing my lunch and I feel it in my hamstrings and shoulders today. This is the kind of strength that I am after now, functional stuff and less of a gym based strength. The desire to run even a step hasn't crept in to me for quite a while now. Kind of scary but I feel this every year and it always comes back. Maybe in a few weeks once we get a good layer of snow on the ground I'll feel it. But for now I'll just let it be.


Dave said...

I think that's the great part about living places with seasons. Often I find the weather (snow, rain, humidity, etc) dictates a lot of how I feel. I don't know if it's habit, but something about the cold weather makes me wanna hit the weight pile ala Rocky in Rocky IV.:)
Love the log flip. I found some real nice logs in the woods today that might serve the same purpose. Weights can only take you so far before you reach their limit. Logs, tires, chains...those are ass kickers any day of the week!

Lucho said...

The log flip is a variation of the tractor tire flip. You can youtube it and see some. Logs are easier to come by ;) This morning I did a circuit of pullups/ log flips/ sledge hammer/ push ups. Sets of 5 as fast as I could but I had to back off on the log and just do one flip because as I weakened I was afraid I was going to drop the damn thing on me! Weights still have huge benefits, but as you said, the log/ hammer stuff is a true ass kicker that gets your HR up. Plus it's FUN! I can't wait to try it in 2 feet of snow.

Fred (aka ace) said...

Awesome! Real world workouts rock! Always raising the bar. Way to inspire by example. Of course your doing this means I will never agree to workout with you! :) Maybe I could manage a stick flip??