Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday in pictures...

Hitting corn is not nice and grabbing it is just rude.

 My neighbor cut down some trees so I grabbed the logs, which is not rude. Logs aren't as easily offended as corn. The bottom two are sweet and heavy as crap. 10 feet long and perfect for the benches I'm making for our kitchen.

 Working the draw knife and stripping the bark.

 This log took a couple of hours of peeling and I didn't finish. Dry dead trees do not give up their bark very easily.

 Liv came out and helped me for the entire time. The cat is our tom Flynn. He chases deer out of our yard and is a hell of a mouser.

 Liv came by to check on my work... 'looking good Dad... I'll be back in a bit to check on your progress'

 Draw knife.

 Some pine beetle wood.

Finished logs that will soon be bunk beds. I cut these trees down and peeled them and then sanded them. Each one is unique and all are pine beetle so they are 'denim' colored and have awesome bore tracks all over them.

And the finish to an amazing day. We're going to roast marshmallows after dinner... which is soup. It's about 38 degrees outside and spitting rain. Is there anything better than soup by a fire on a chilly Fall evening?  You can feel the snow coming and for me it's like waiting for a friend I haven't seen in forever. I'm anxious and it's going to signal the beginning of truly great running. And speaking of that... today was amazing and long and happy and fun and running was never even a thought. I like that freedom and I love that running is not an escape for me... that I don't need an escape. Running is in my soul...but my sons and my gorgeous wife sustain my life like air and my life is a gift. If I could go back in time there's nothing I would change.


Brett said...

Did you see on the race summary where the winner went through the 15 mile split in 1:20?

That is just crazy. Thats on American record 50k pace...after racing already for 6 hours.

mtnrunner2 said...

Fun stuff. Life is good.

Maybe the deer think your tan cat is a mountain lion. If they wake up and realized they've been duped there could be trouble.

Brandon Fuller said...

We bought some log bunk beds at a consignment shop today. I didn't know you were setting up shop or I might have ordered some of yours!

Lucho said...

Brett- Ya, solid running. People always use the excuse "well the course isn't certified". (Ironman Austria one year was officially measured at 26.6 miles). So lets say the Ironman course was a full mile short. Then the top 3 guys all still ran under 2:50 and Mirinida ran under 3:00. The ground temps were also measured at 120 degrees and the course is far from flat. Crazy! As I was saying in the last post, Macca is probably a 2:15 marathoner (but he can swim and bike).

Mtrunner2- Ha! That's funny. I keep waiting for one of the deer to land a kick. It's all over then.

Brandon- You might want to wait until the finished product is posted to say that! They may be pretty rough. I'm doing it more because I love to build things with my hands.

Brett said...

Yea I'm sure the course is close enough (he went through the last 11.2 in 1:23)...but after that much suffering to hit those first 15 miles in that pace...knowing what you're going to do to yourself the last half of the marathon...BALLS.

Lucho said...

Impressive also that Macca got caught and then attacked and broke Raelert. That's a rare thing in endurance sports. Macca's mental strength is crazy.

Brett said...

It sure is, thats usually when someone just cracks and backs up even faster. I can't wait to see it on TV.

Dave said...

This is an amazing, amazing post.

Lucho said...

Thanks Dave!