Friday, October 8, 2010

Saturday group run

 We'll be meeting at 8:00am at Beverly Heights Park in Golden. The road climbs for 6 miles and has a single track trail that drops back down. Runners will have tons of options to cut the session short. My plan is 6 X 1 mile up on 1:00 rest, then a relaxed jog down the single track which is quite nice.


Michael said...

Lucho, Do you know a guy named andy henshaw? I have to race him this weekend.

Lucho said...

Ya, I know Andy. When he's rested and "on" he's tough and fast. But he completely over trained this summer (I talked to him quite a bit at Leadville) and shut it down. My GUESS is that he's not 100% fit... but he might be rested. For 50k you have more gears than him though and if it comes down to a slug fest my money is always on you.