Wednesday, September 15, 2010


 I VERY regrettably had to bail on pacing Tim for the Bear 100. I have had a family reunion planned for the past few months and I thought I could bag it and pace Tim instead, but it started to wear on my conscience and I had to cancel. Family is just too important to me! I am so bummed that I won't be there to see him get the wolverine buckle.


Footfeathers said...

No big deal! I'm running the race no matter who's with me, so there are no worries. I felt a bit guilty with you foregoing family duties anyway.

GZ said...

So this is a touch late re: endorsing you as a coach, but I will weigh in.

Frankly while your race results are amazing, I don't see that as a make or break for you being considered as an effective coach. It is an attribute - one of many, to consider. Does it help you? Absolutely. Given your experience in "walking a mile in those shoes" (or running a 100 in those shoes), you MIGHT be better able to help someone understand how to prepare and execute for similar events.

What makes you a good coach is not that in my opinion but rather two things: 1.) a passion for improvement and excellence and 2.) a willingness to call bullshit when you see it.

I think a lot of coaches can have number one above, but it takes some balls to have number two above. I see all too often a bunch of love ins when greater improvement (and not just in running) could occur with a little more positive conflict. Unfortunately folks are put off by that sort of shift / approach for growth because they are conflict adverse. My take is it is necessary to grow.

And so - you do that. You push people into a realm where they are NOT going to be comfortable. And in fact, if you can't do that - maybe you ought to not be their coach.

And that is a thanks by the way for when you have pushed me.

MtUnpaved said...

Flipped in 2 days, that almost sounds like a wife got to ya! Family is important tho...

Lucho said...

Thanks Tim.

GZ- Thank you for the good word. I've learned the hard way on the BS too. It helps no one.

Mtunpaved- You obviously don't have a wife and kids.