Tuesday, September 7, 2010


No running today but I did lift quite hard for my legs and core. I feel very much that the cross training I did before Leadville is the only way that I ran OK. That and a nearly spot on perfect nutrition plan. I averaged just 58 miles per week for the 20 weeks leading up to the race which is probably 1/2 as much as many. I felt on many days that a hard 40:00 lift was worth twice as much as a 40:00 run in terms of time VS. benefit. Nursing my knee back to health for the race was a huge focus for me and the cycling really did allow me to maintain some high intensity with out beating myself up even more.
 The canyon fire in Boulder is scaring the crap out me. We live in a similar canyon just a few miles away and seeing what is possible for us makes me a little edgier than usual. I have done a ton of fire mitigation from raking pine needles and mowing our grass to trimming the lower branches on all our closer trees. Still quite scary though.


Jeff Valliere said...

I always think I should cross train more, as I truly enjoy riding my bike as much as anything else I do, but I am typically lured by the simplicity and tranquility of trail running/mountain climbing vs. chancing it on the roads with distracted drivers. Not to mention, I enjoy taking the dog with me when I can.

Scary stuff with the fire risk, a very serious threat where you live.

Lucho said...

Jeff- The only outdoor riding is did was on my single speed up here (32X18 gearing) on the dirt roads. I doubt I would enjoy riding the roads so I ride my Computrainer indoor trainer and incorporate weight lifting segments in to the ride. It makes for a damn hard session. I would also consider the baby jogger to be cross training and simply the best I have ever experienced in terms of building strength specific to running. And as you will find out... a double jogger is twice the work. Add some solid hill climbs in there and it's brutal. I think you'll love it.

Yes, big fire danger for sure, but ask anyone up here and it's worth the risk to live where we do.