Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday 0 miles

 I spent the day digging a trench along the foundation on the East side of our house to put in a French drain. When it snows (and then melts) we get a little water seepage in to our spare bedroom. The French drain should help with water diversion. Then I fixed a leak in the shed roof (silicone caulked a few screws in the tin) and then took a truck load of 'litter' to the community dump. Litter is the term for pine needles and small branches on the ground that increase fire risk. A truck load didn't even touch what there is still on the ground. Then I organized the wood pile and cut dead limbs from a tree. We have over 40 old growth pines in our yard and one tree can take several hours. I did get every branch I could reach even the ones at the very tip top, about 50 feet up. Sort of makes me feel like a kid again climbing trees. Super productive day and I still have a very long list of DIY stuff ahead. Next on the list (after I finish the French drain and make a gazillion more trips to the dump) is to finish the stone work on the outside of the chimney and put a window in my shed.

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Dave said...

I remembered to take a shower, and got halfway through mowing the lawn.

Just sayin, you got some competition.

Serious P.S. Hope your wife is feeling okay! She seemed really awesome, and broken wrists are no fun.