Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday bike/ lift

On the Computrainer with weights set up next to it. I've been doing this session 1-2 times per week for the last several months and today I nailed the most wattage and the most squat reps yet. This coming the day after a solid 30 mile run. Legs felt very good and ready to work.
 This was basically 2:30 done as:
Bike 20:00 alternating sitting/ standing every few minutes with wattage between 180-260 (not weak) followed by 5:00 of lifting: squats, straight leg dead lifts, reverse crunches, good mornings (lower back work. At Jemez my back cramped from hiking so I have worked on strengthening my back), calf raises.
 Repeat X 6.
I have changed the routine every week working on super sets of opposing muscle groups. Squats are the main lift always though. I vary them between wide stance/ toes pointed outward (which work hamstrings and inner thigh) and very close stance which works hips and outer quads. My bar weighs 80 pounds which is all I can safely get on to my back with out a rack so I have had to increase reps. Today was 4 sets of 20 squats during each 5:00 lift, making for 480 total squats. I'm hoping this helps prevent some muscle break down at Leadville and I think it will. The baby jogger runs are still the bomb though in terms of strength and sheer brutal work. Yesterday's 30 mile run combined with today would be easier than 8 miles with the jogger up here. Over the last 16 weeks I've done 28 baby jogger runs totalling 192 miles with a 100+ pound stroller at 8000+ ft altitude. Gotta be worth something?


GZ said...

Yes, very much worth something, and I am increasingly convinced that the cross training you are doing is very much a golden path for most.

80 pound bar? What kind of bar is that? Most bars are 45 lbs?

Lucho said...

The bar with weights weighs 80#. Matt C did both stroller and weights, maybe biked a bit also. And Geoff Roes bikes a crap load I think. And even if the Xtraining isn't completely conducive to fast running it is conducive to being strong and healthy... which in the big picture (having two sons that I am going to have to keep up with) is far more important to me.

Rick said...

I think the term "Weight to Power ratio" is used mostly in cycling, but I have a feeling that this ratio will do wonders after 70 miles in a 100 mile race.

Lucho said...

Yep. For Ironman I used to race my best right around 155 pounds (I'm 5'10"). My power was very high and I also never broke down in training. I've lifted and eaten well this Summer so I am back up to 150 now which was my goal. I don't think I would have near as much strength or durability at 140 pounds. I would just be frail and weak. There is definitely a balance point to power to weight ratios that can't be crossed. Get too light and you lose strength and then don't have the structure to support yourself.