Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walker Ranch tempo

 I pushed the hills moderate hard this morning (max HR 171) and pushed the downs fairly hard. Pulled up at 6.5 miles in 46:11 (within sight of the FKT for sure but not possible today). Pretty fatigued from last weeks vertical which was the most I've ever run I think. The very long runs are also knocking me down pretty severely and I'm thinking that last week's 39 miler will be my last super long run before Leadville. I'll switch to faster, shorter long runs I think. The only way I'll run even OK at Leadville is if I unload fatigue and sharpen up, tough to do while living and training in these severe hills above 8000ft altitude. I'm fairly convinced that a 100 mile week up here is 'worth' 140+ on the flats at low elevations in terms of physical stress. If only because of delayed recovery. With delayed recovery does come increased training stress in subsequent sessions due to fatigue which can be reached at a much lower volume at high altitude. IE: you can run less and still get a big benefit.
 So ya... I'm tired.


GZ said...

Nice header.

So in terms of time, are you sticking to the 14 hour goal you put out there? Exceeding, or not - and now dropping down?

Lucho said...

Ya, the 14 hour goal is a little too much for me if I drop the volume of the long runs. I'm interested in having energy to spend on my kids and wife. Running a lot on the days I'm with them is not a priority. My time goal at Leadville will be <20 hours. I think my training is appropriate for this? Not sure really. I'm just winging all of this.
Ruger 9mm DAO police issue. Nothing fancy.

Claus Bech said...

Hey, seems like a good idea to freshen up, prime the metabolic system and unload the structural stress, not mentioning getting hungry. Any thoughts about shoe choice, increased length of foot during the race, downhill running pressure on the toes and eventually changing to a larger size shoe along the way? Blister prevention, chafing, sun screen and all those small details that could magnify in an unwelcome way during a 19 hour race. What's Your nutrition-, electrolyte- and hydration strategy gonna look like? Best of luck and focus of feeling energetic, recovered and happy to be able to contend in such an epic race, Claus

ghostfeather said...

Oh God, at first I thought you were talking 14 hr goal in terms of Leadville finish. I'd have to run the 50 miler of my life to pace you.

Lucho said...

HA! Tim, I thought exactly the same thing and had to dig a little to remember if I spewed out such a ridiculous time goal... which wouldn't surprise me if I did. My "ego writes checks my body can't cash" often.

Claus- I think that will be a great blog post in the next couple of days!

GZ said...

I have also thought if I do that race, sub 20 is where I'd want to land but that is just plain guessing on my part. I don't know shit about 100s or that course. But winging it often works.

Just hard to think that is 12 minute miles.

Lucho said...

G- It seems to me (and I don't know shit about 100's either) that the difference between most sub 20 and plus 20ers would be mistakes? Poor nutrition, lolly gagging at aid stations, poor execution (IE: starting too fast). I am referring more to people with the training and fitness that would make a sub 20 realistic.
Of course when I crawl across the line in 30 hours I will of course eat this comment... computer and all :)