Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday 2:28

2:28 in the backwoods behind my house. 2930 ft of climbing. Knee was excruciating on the descents but at least there were a lot of them. Up around 10,00 feet I found a spring gurgling out of the face of a rock cliff. Coolest thing ever and the water was cold enough that it froze my hand holding my bottle. Best drinking water ever. 


Dave said...

Longer than my longest run ever! This is the appropriate time to literally use the phrase, "He's half the man you are."

In unrelated news, I see your playlist includes Tool. My question is this: if a girl loves the band, so much so that she has tattoos dedicated to them, is that a red flag?? Finally, any chance the knee might be up for the track Fri or Sat?

Lucho said...

A girl has a Tool tat? Not sure if that's a red flag or not but it sounds like fun finding out. Maybe wear a mouthpiece and carry a gun on the first date?

My knee would be fine but we are going camping this weekend- sorry.
Depending on how the weekend goes then maybe Monday?