Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday 10 miles.

Last night I talked at length with a PT/ runner and he suggested I run today to see how it feels. The uphills were pain free, everything felt normal. The downhills started OK then as the hill progressed I would feel a burning that became worse as I went. Then on the ups the pain would stop immediately. Since there are no flats up here I couldn't test it. So I called him this morning and he told me to run through it and see where it goes. I think he probably told me the only scenario that he knew I would listen to.
So if uphills are OK, I have the option to run this route:

That's 21 miles all uphill.

I took 183 pictures from the weekend and have some pretty phenomenal shots! I'll try to load some more today.


ghostfeather said...

Hot damn! Now I don't have to find something else to do next month. Keep me updated on the knee and let me know if you want to get a run in together this week.

Lucho said...

The knee was bearable today and I'm hoping it will gradually go away with mileage :) The downhills got pretty painful but as long as I bit down on something I was OK.
If I feel good on Wednesday & Thursday then I'll most likely do back to back long runs again. I could start a little later and you could meet me after you get off work for the last ~10-15 miles? Maybe Walker Ranch for 5 laps on Thursday?

Ward said...

Glad to hear your still able to run...!

Lucho said...

Ward- I don't think my knee isn't f-ed up though. It's runnable though.

Fred (aka ace) said...

This reminds me of something one of the more "hard core" runners I know told me years ago.

"I always run. No matter what. If I had a broken leg, I'd figure out some way to still run."

Now while I can recognize the extreme within his statement, I can also appreciate the simply prophetic beauty of it too. He told me that 15 years ago and as far as I know he's run every day since. When he said it, it was almost like he was giving his body, the universe and everyone within earshot notice that he expected to run forever.

Now that I think more about it, I might have to give that a try with my foot ;)