Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday 39 mile run

8546 feet of climbing. Felt good, or as good as one feels running for over 6 hours on single track trail with a bum knee. The knee felt pretty solid actually. The switch from a long uphill to a downhill really seemed to hurt though. I didn't run yesterday in order to make sure I didn't push my knee until I saw how it would hold up and I think it's OK. Painful for sure, but solid and not weak. It also didn't really get any worse from the run, which I'll take as good sign. Tim Long joined me for the last ~10 miles which was a HUGE help. We ran this on Walker Ranch and the last lap was in a solid 1:13 more due to him keeping me honest. If Leadville happens, and my motivation compass is pointing towards it (this ain't 10k training!), Tim will be my pacer and I think he's perfect for the job. We get along well and he's definitely capable of hanging with me. Good stuff today. No double long run but we are camping this weekend in Buena Vista and I hope to have a chance to run some of the Leadville course. Being a tiny bit unexhausted is probably good. Maybe this time I won't get my ass kicked by a merry-go-round.


Dave said...

I ran 3.9! I know I'm in trouble when another athlete's training needs to be compared to mine on a logarithmic scale.

ghostfeather said...

Not 40? What a baby! Go walk the family around the block for the extra mile. F@&$ing solid.

J.P. Patrick said...

New coach is working.

Ward said...

Sounds like your knee is doing better! Solid run!

Anonymous said...

Pretty standard training run. When are you going to start doing some long stuff with some elevation gain? Must be the knee is holding you back a bit.

Lucho said...

I was a little tired from doing the same run yesterday.

Lucho said...

Dave- Ya, but it was with cute girl that loves Tool... that trumps any run.

Tim- I am still wearing my GPS and am logging that extra mile between my chair and the fridge. 27 more beers and I think I'll have my 40. Thanks for coming out! I appreciate it.

JP- Definitely! That and knowing I had cold IPAs waiting for me after.

Ward- Nope, the knee is still kind of wrecked. The 8500+ feet of downhills reminded me of this.

Matt said...

I want to coach you.

But first I need to get Dwight Schrute on board (we watch The Office reruns nightly and I have a crush on that walnut).

Plus I want to get a really sold brewery on board to support the efforts.

Then I need to move to CO. This is "my plan's" Achilles heal. Stay tuned.

Ha ha ha dfu la;jfaad.

You rock, homey; and you need to kick some white ass at Leadville!

20 mile tomorrow!
Followed by 3 single IPAs.

To be continued.

Lucho said...

Tonight was Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. Not bad.
Have a great run!

John said...

What's funny is, when I run on an injury, it gets worse.

What pagan god are you worshiping that you're still working toward a 100 miler with a (likely) torn ACL?!

Lucho said...

John- I doubt it's ACL because it hasn't had any swelling. But if it was then I could still run on it and often times they don't even fix torn ACLs. I am guessing meniscus but I don't really know.

Trigirlpink said...

Ok, I am BEHIND on my blog reading. LOVE the previous pictures. Take care of that knee!

Just booked a Colorado trip for October. My first chance experiencing the Boulder and surrounding area. Yay!

Know any dentists that need a *high quality* hygienist? :-)

Lucho said...

TGP- I don't... but I think George Zack's (GZ) wife is a dental hygienist?

GZ said...

TGP - there is an association out here I could connect you with via my wife that could help. FWIW - hygenists can practice out here as well without a dentist.