Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday 13 miles Walker Ranch

David and I ran from my house down to Walker Ranch and back this morning. 2400 feet of climbing and in the last mile we raced a few short intervals which was a blast. I could edge David on the hills but on the flats or downhills his leg speed was just too much.

I also took 2 pictures of Starr Mountain, the mountain I was on for last weeks trivia question. In the first picture I didn't zoom in at all. We were standing close to Walker Ranch at about 7000 feet altitude and Starr peaks out at 10,500.

In the second picture I zoomed in and got a shot of my powerline route to the top. You can barely make it out.


Dave said...

Really great run! Thanks so much for dragging me along at the end. Also, Ben and Oliver are super awesome. They weren't even scared when a zombie walked into their house!

Finally, I saw the training logs from Ironman days (in full hard-cover format)! Like swearing on the Bible at court, athletes should take an oath on that thing before complaining about anything whatsoever.

Lucho said...

Yes- and thank you too. The sprints at the end were a blast! Solid run all around too.