Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday 6 miles

 Easy run up the mountain to see how I feel. My legs feel weak but my gut feels good. No sickness to speak of.

 Tomorrow might be a hard run up Sanitas. I'll run a warm-up lap easy and then if I feel good I'll try to crush a lap. Sanitas is ~1.2 miles with 1400 feet of climbing. Basically stair steps. If I feel very good and go under 16:00 again then I'll do an equally hard descent for kicks just to see what my round trip would be. I think I've improved a ton with my technical descending and this would give me some perspective.


FastED said...

Good lord man! Sub 16 IS crushing it! If you get up in 16 then you should be coming around the shelter in say... 28? Do you descend well? Mackey was up in just over 17 and came around in just over 28

Lucho said...

I ran 15:58 my first time up Sanitas... and I have been working on my descending but I am in no way a Dave Mackey. I've never run with him but I hear that he basically just jumps off mountains. The only way I could get close to his round trip is if I had that 1:30 ascent buffer and even then I highly doubt I could get back in 28'.
I think I live fairly close to you? I am about 20:00 from Golden. We should try to meet up for some runs!?

Brett said...

Good luck this weekend! I just looked at the start list and I recognize several Hardrock veterans in there (Apt, Coblentz, etc.) - should be a lot of good competition. I also looked at the course profile and it looks like it has your name all over it!

Lucho said...

Thanks Brett