Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Am) 13 miles with 2430ft of ascending. Frigid with new snow and awesome. Tomorrow Tim is coming up to join me for a long run. I'll be taking him on a 4 hour tour of the area and the weather is expected to be brutal again. (Insert evil laugh here).


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited I could barf (insert evil barf here).

Trigirlpink said...

Luch....guess what? It's gonna be 80 here today in Boston. Record breaking! Whooop whoop! SNOW??? NO NO NO! It's April! :-)

Dave said...

Sometimes I see numbers like 2430 feet of ascent and don't really think about it. So I searched for Central Park on MapMyRun, which is pretty much the hilliest course in Manhattan, and 2430 feet of ascent is 12 laps, or ~73 miles. Echoing the sentiment above, I barfed a little bit thinking about how strong you are going to be if we train together sometime this summer.

Lucho said...

Dave- Mapmyrun is off by several hundred feet per 1000 so Central Park is probably much hillier than it says. I am looking forward to running with you this summer. Should be fun!

TGP- Sunscreen in April? No thanks! I am trying to avoid melanoma. I spent ~4 years on a boat in the Caribbean and now am paying for it with yearly check ups for skin cancer (yes, I have had spots removed)... I don't need MORE sun. It's all yours :) but wear your SUNSCREEN!!!!