Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday 15 miles

Am) 10 miles max HR 145. Avg 138 with 1670ft of climbing.
Pm) 5 miles recovery jogging with 617 feet of climb.

From here to Leadville the weeks are going to be focused on a few things.
#1- Hitting 14 hours per week. Last week I blew that away with over 20 hours. (I didn't blog everything that I did).
#2- Hitting both or either a tempo run or hard intervals each week.
#3- Double long runs with the second one hard/ fast.The double run thing may alternate between very long and easy runs (IE: 25/25 or 30/30) or do a long easy 4:00+ then a fast and flat 20-22 at sub 7:00 pace. This is what I did last week and I really liked the balance between the two.


Anonymous said...

Went over to s. boulder creek path looking for you this am. Obviously, with 1700 ft of climbing you didn't run there. Let me know if you want some company for your long run tomorrow.

Lucho said...

Ya, sorry about that. If I had known I would have driven down. No long run tomorrow, just easy volume. I am planning a 27 mile road route from my house on Wednesday that will be up over 9500ft for quite a bit, tons of climbing. If you want to go I'm leaving here at ~9:30-10:00am.

GZ said...

This sounds like what I want to do. I might not do the double distance, but I need to get to that long run.

Are you doing any stuff now that is real slow?

Lucho said...

'real slow'? Not if I can help it! But I know what you mean. If you wanted to join me then I'll run your pace. I want to do the same run on both Wednesday and Thursday so you could join me for the Thursday run? Although I don't think you need that, you're fit.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I meant Wed. email me a start point - I'll bring my oxygen mask.