Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday intervals.

Workout: 4 X 800 on a rolling stretch of road behind my house. Starting elevation was 8155ft. I cut this from a planned 4 X 1200 simply because I always go overboard and I know this, so I thought only of tomorrow's run and wanted to finish this feeling good. My goal was to just run these strong, relaxed and at an effort that allowed my thoughts to stay strong. I never felt the urge to ease up but they did hurt a bit. In the past I have run workouts at an effort that made me want to quit so the goal today was just to bring myself to that edge. The only time goal I had was to run each one by feel and hope that it was sub 5:45 pace. They were. Averaged 5:18 mile pace. I'm pleased.
Note: I measured this with my altimeter and there was a net gain of 76ft and a net loss of 58ft (I reversed every other one, so every other one had a net loss/gain.


Mary IronMatron said...

Oh yeah. The man loves the data! He can't help it!!
I ran 5:18 pace once for about 100 ft.
Glad it was a good effort and one you were pleased with!

Lucho said...

Ok... so I'm a work in progress. I do love the numbers! But seriously, this was the first time I geeked out all week! I'm on a 10 step program.

Rick said...

Can you set your Garmin to automatically take a split at whatever distance/time you set it for?

Lucho said...

Yes. The Garmin 405 is pretty sweet, it does about anything you could want (except accurately measure altitude change). As far as a training "tool" is concerned, the Garmin is very useful. The battery is crap though.