Monday, March 8, 2010


I had to road trip to the grocery store. Since it's next to the thrift store I had to stop in... scored a pair of almost new Smith polarized sunglasses for $1.99. I currently have 9 pairs of Rudy Project sunglasses still in sealed plastic from sponsorship. Now I can e-bay a pair of the Rudy's. Spend $2 and make $100... good math.
 Ran and felt amazingly good. Flat with no altitude... wow. 6:00-6:20 pace felt quite easy. At the end I ran 5 X 20" hard strides. I pushed right up to the point of losing form then held it. Amazing how the awkwardness disappears between the first stride and the last. Speed increases and everything becomes fluid. Running truly fast has a ton to do with muscle coordination and getting all the muscles to work together efficiently. Strides have little to no aerobic benefit if they are done correctly, which means they have to be very short. Once you extend the duration then fatigue limits the muscles ability to fire correctly and you lose the full neurological benefit. An extremely efficient runner can put out less energy at a faster pace... and therefore run longer faster.


Eric Bart said...

Polarized glasses for 2 bucks, amazing. I wish we had thrift shops like that here in Boston.

Lucho said...

Ya, Boulder is funny like that. Sweet sunglasses!