Sunday, February 28, 2010


Easy jog to finish the week. Week total- over 12:00 with over 13,000ft of climbing. This was the first week ever (I think) where I didn't run out of the altitude. It was the first week where I didn't take a right at the end of my street a single time... which means the lowest altitude I touched was 8100ft. I also broke 9100ft altitude 6 times this week. All of this means little really, but they are fun numbers to me. A nice departure from my old OCD for tracking HR and pace.


Mary IronMatron said...

So you are transferring your OCD to elevation tracking? JK. I would probably not even be able to walk at the altitude.
Like this wolf pic.

Lucho said...

Ha! Ya right? I don't think I'll get sucked too deep in to the elevation gain numbers. I use my altimeter now as my watch and when you start it you can't see the clock, you can only recall the time after the run, which is why I like using it. It also records elevation gain and loss so that's just part of it.