Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday 0 miles

I effed up and over slept, if there is such a thing? Maybe I should just say 'this morning I slept'. I woke up at 8:00 to Ben standing next to the bed telling me to come down and play. Kind of unsettling to think of him waking up and having the run of the house.
  From 9-12 I worked straight through until my wife went to work so I missed my running window. No excuses. I'm kind of bummed but I am going to rest for the 50k next week so it's all good. Bob is driving up on Wednesday and I have a bitch of a 25 mile route planned so being a bit fresh will only make the run better quality. Mapmyrun sucks at calculating elevation gain (so does Garmin though) but I'm thinking we'll be close to a 'shit load' of climbing. The route will cover all my biggest climbs and in 25 miles we'll run by the wolves, cover 2 counties, either be in or near 2 state parks and a national forest, will have views of the continental divide and will touch 9000ft altitude twice.


FatDad said...

We are so lucky that Violet stays in her room when she wakes up. She just sits up in her bed and calls for us. The idea of her roaming the house unsupervised....yikes.
22 miles for me today and I had to go out and back twice just to stay on the trail. Lots of dogs, no wolves.

Lucho said...

I'm almost always back home and done with my run before he's out of bed. I'm glad I rarely sleep in like this. Nice work on the run!