Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Lift.

My foot is pissed off. My recent post on jumping rope is biting me in the ass. Solid weights today which isn't nearly as satisfying as a run. Neither are the bikes nor the elliptical workouts. I'll schedule the podiatrist appointment tomorrow.
And on AJW's DNF post. It's always 'funny' when someone criticizes others and they don't know the facts. AJW says that he doesn't know WHY some of those people DNFd... only that he thinks it's not right. My dictionary defines ignorance as: The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed, which is actually far less excusable than stupidity which isn't a choice. I think the reason why a person DNFs is important to know before saying it's wrong. And even then- as GZ says- to each his own. If a guy quits that's his thing.


GZ said...

Hey ... given the posts recently referencing I.F. (good stuff), thought you might want to check out this diet consideration.

Back to the AJW thing ... I will confess that "to each his own" has been a thinking that I have evolved to (and am still evolving to). I pass judgments on performances, approaches, goals ... but I am trying to be less considerate of other people's business in that regard and more concerned about mine. I still f it up though. A conversation you and I had about the spirituality of the big island taught me a lot about that.

Lucho said...

Ha! I remember that conversation. I was pissed! I'm a little more calm these days and thoughtful (or I try to be). Partly due to talking to you, thank you very much.
I would have no problem giving someone shit about a DNF if it were for a good reason. But the fact that AJW doesn't have all the facts is all that bothers me. I think it's even worse to pull a 'Skaggs' and run yourself close to death. I want to be able to play with my sons in 5 years... if I think I'm risking my health then screw the race or workout, I'm quitting!
Thanks for the link~

Matt said...

People lead with their strengths.
AJW's a durable guy; that's his gig.

He has a problem with those who aren't.

If I was poor (and I am more or less) I might write a post about the rising costs of race entry fees. It would be only natural for me to possess such a line of thought.

In other words, that's AJW, nothing more nothing less.

He finishes races. Why don't you?

Lucho said...

Good stuff Matt! Thanks... but,

AJW doesn't ask "Why don't you?" He simply assumes Jurek, Mackey, Roes, Anton are all pussies. He seems to think that the reason for the DNF is irrelevant and never bothers to ask WHY did they DNF, he simply assumes.

"He finishes races. Why don't you?"
But does he crush course records? Does he even try? Has he ever went balls out specifically to break a record or crush the field? I seriously doubt that Anton's goal at Leadville last year was a belt buckle. Or Dave Mackey's goal a T-shirt. Those guys were laying it on the line to do something extraordinary (ordinary is just finishing)... along with that goal is often times an extraordinary failure. The more the risk the greater the reward and loss. I have more respect for Anton trying for the record.

Wende said...

did I miss something? who the #@%^ is AJW?

Lucho said...

Wende- I don't know really. I saw a link on GZ's blog to one of his posts.

Mary IronMatron said...

what are you all referring to here? Cannot find the link to the AJW post.
Link me up, Lucho. gracias.

Lucho said...

Go to GZ's blog for the link. I think it was in his post yesterday.