Monday, January 4, 2010


Zippo exercise. I have 4 new athletes starting with me today. I was up until midnight last night and have worked since 5:00am trying to line everyone out. It's a good thing. What sucks though is that it isn't possible to immerse myself in work to forget that I'm injured and can't run for the first time in my life. My job is telling others to do what I wish I could.
My foot is wacky. It hurt pretty bad yesterday and today there's no pain. I also don't think it's the metatarsal that hurts, it's more the lateral cuneiform which would indicate a bone spur more than anything. Self diagnosis is useless at this point, going to the doctor is what I need to do.

And Mr. Barnes continues to enlighten (scroll down to "Day Four of the 101 program").


Eric Bart said...


Not sure what experience you have with foot issues, but it sounds like not too much. If I were you I would insist upon a bone scan as a starting point. Basically this will show a stress fracture if there is one, if it's negative then you can be sure you don't have one. It is binary and should be the first thing to check after a basic x-ray that they can usually do at any podiatrist's office.

If the bone scan comes back positive it still doesn't guarantee a stress fracture, but if it is negative you don't have one. In my case the bone scan was positive, but a subsequent ct scan revealed a tear in a tendon at insertion in the navicular tuberosity instead of a stress fracture.

Often a Podiatrist is reluctant to refer someone for expensive stuff like a bone scan and will fart around for too long on stupid stuff. The point here is you know your body and the Dr. will assume you're a jackass like most of the population.

Just trying to save you some time.

Eric Bart

Lucho said...

Thanks Eric. I appreciate that advice. I have an app. on Wednesday morning. My pain seems to be in the cuneiform, but I could easily be wrong. I hope it is the cuneiform. It's been over 3 weeks so hopefully an X-ray will show something by now.
Thanks again

scott said...

Man, much respect for your jump-rope workout! I was only able to complete 2-1min intervals per foot and my ass was kicked.

Lucho said...

Single leg jump rope is very good for learning proper mid-foot plant and then building the strength to hold it.

Rick said...

Heard that Anton Ono, in the past, did the Manitou Springs Incline hopping on one foot, then comes down and goes back up hopping on the other foot. I 'd like to see that...

erick said...

Hey guys, there is a really cool jumprope video at Just go there and watch this guy, he is amazing. I think he is a boxer.