Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday 0 miles.

No pain in my foot unless I press hard into the top. Last night we went to a birthday party at Bounce Town in Longmont (it's a warehouse filled with giant air filled structures). I ran around in my just my socks climbing and jumping with 15 kids and I never felt a single sensation of pain. On my run yesterday the only thing I felt was my shoe laces which irritated the top of my foot (if I had to equate it to something I would say it felt like I had a scratch on the skin, no pain in the bones). I can do barefoot calf raises, walk up and down stairs barefoot and hop up and down on the the foot with no pain... none of these things should be pain free with a broken bone in my foot. No run today and I'm completely unsure about what to do. I get the bone scan on Wednesday and that will tell me exactly what I have or don't have. I'm dying to run but I'm not dying to be stupid and look back in a month and regret my choice.


FatDad said...

I'm hoping for your take on something: I've been training using Daniels Elite marathon plan (from Running Formula 2nd Ed.)The plan suggests that non-elite runners substitute minutes for miles when using the program given in the book. It prescribes certain amounts of time as being roughly equivalent to certain distances: 3 min at Interval pace=1000M , 5 minutes at Threshold = 1 mile. etc. I've been training using time and I'm feeling good, fitness is progressing and I've been able to complete all the perscribed workouts without struggle.
I've been toying with the idea of going back to mileage training at the end of this next 6 week block as I am concerned that using current methodology I will not log enough miles at marathon pace/threshold pace to prepare me for race day. At the same time, I'm healthy and understand that staying that way is the single biggest thing I can do to impact race day results.
I feel a little foolish second guessing Dr. Daniels suggestions as if he hadn't considered whether his recomendations would be sufficient.
What's your take?

Lucho said...

I think it depends on how easily you can measure miles. If you have a GPS then I would say to use miles. You are racing 26.2 miles... not 3:XX time. I would say that too that it might not matter much, do what you like to do. Or even split it up and run your easy runs by time (because pace matters little and effort is everything)and run your prescribed intervals by distance. I prefer distance over time because I have a set number of miles that give me confidence (~100 per week).
Hope that helps! If you have any other questions shoot me an e-mail!