Saturday, January 9, 2010

S'all good...

I had nerve shaking, boundless energy today... I would have loved to have run. The kind of energy that makes my skin crawl and me grind my teeth. Any other day I would have killed a run but instead I took my sons down to Denver to the museum of natural history and we spent 4 hours looking at everything from T-rex skeletons and mummies to my beloved wolves. I want to think that Ben liked the wolves the most, it was the only display that he wanted to climb up closer to (see header pic). Liv was as sweet as always and just hung out and watched Ben and the occasional huge, stuffed mammal pass by... adult male walrus are huge! My wife worked this Saturday so it was just a boys day out.
I drove home down Colfax. Odd disparity with the beauty of the mountains on the horizon while we cruised through the armpit of Colorado. Do they really run a marathon down this street? Shitty tattoo parlors (the kind I used to frequent) and fast "food" drive throughs... it's all I saw.
And thank you to Matt... nicest thing ever man!


Matt said...

I think I'll start calling Ben Gray Wolf. Nice pic. And my pleasure!


wende said...

you are a good dad and a fun one too! I want to see some pics from that bouncing warehouse birthday party, guess the days of cupcakes and then going outside to play are not gonna cut it any more.