Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday 21 miles

Garmin says 4500+ft of climbing, and unlike yesterday's jog which felt simple, I believe it today. Something about the hill layout for this run made it damn hard. The last 7 miles in particular made me focus. The lowest point on the graph is the lowest point of Walker Ranch and the halfway point is midway down (up?) Flagstaff Rd.
No second run. Something I forgot about my morning run. I was stopped right before Walker Ranch by Jo, our fire chief, and he told me that a 12 point (6 points on each antler) buck was attacking cars as they drove by. As I neared the area he described I had visions of getting my ass kicked by a deer.


Brandon Fuller said...

Show off!

Lucho said...

Wait until I get fit.

Brett said...

I think I read somewhere that more people are injured in deer attacks every year than in bear attacks and cougar attacks combined.

They must be ornery little bastards when they get those antlers.

Lucho said...

I would believe that stat. I wonder if it's partly due to people being less afraid to approach a deer? The bucks we get in our yard could do some damage, they're huge. They also don't attack with their antlers, it's their hooves they use.