Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday 20 miles

20.34 miles in 2:39. 7:49 pace with supposedly 4210 feet climbing. This was simple and also one of the most beautiful runs I've done since we moved up here. I climbed to a road called "Divide View" and another called "Indian Peaks Road" (miles 8-12 on the graph below) both had spectacular panoramic views of the Continental Divide. Awesome and beautiful and windy and cold and sunny and muddy and icy and I loved every minute.


Dave said...

Days like that are the reason why I like running! Something about "50 degrees and sunny" just doesn't cut it for me. I'll take snow, wind, ice, rain, and whatever over "perfect" anyday! Sounds like it was just "perfect" for you!

Lucho said...

Yep. It was very sunny and bright but the North/South roads were muddy and sloppy and the East/West roads were icy and snowy. At ~9000ft it was windy too. With the tail wind it was almost hot and with a head wind it was below freezing. Loved it all.
How's that black line treating you? :) I remember when I was swimming 20K+ every week and hating the damn thing. Partly why I ended up with a strong back stroke was the need for a change of scenery.

Dave said...

It's freakin' killing me!!! Honestly though, I think it's absolutely the best thing for me. It's hard and it's taken quite a bit of discipline. I almost lost it on Sunday when I was getting passed by those old ladies you were talking about! :)
It's shown me some of the big problems with my stroke and I'm working hard on fixing them. Oh, and thanks for the rubber band idea-my lats are screaming at me!

Lucho said...

With the cords, you want to really get a good shoulder rotation. You want the rear delts to be pointing to the ceiling. Then your biceps facing the floor. If you watch a video of Ian Thorpe underwater, really look closely at his shoulder (IE: rotator cuff) flexibility and his ability to rotate and reach, then catch the water with everything from his fingertips to his armpits. There's some really good stills of his full stroke that look inhuman. Technically he was one of the best ever. And another excellent drill is deep water vertical kicking. We used to kick in the deep end with our hands above our heads until we almost drowned from exhaustion. Good times... good times.

IronMatron said...

Yes, but did you hold a weight while you kicked in the deep end with your hands in the air?

Me neither.

Lucho said...

No... I'm a wuss. I did do 1500y kick sets though!