Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday 10 miles

10 miles. Max HR 151/ avg HR 143.
I'm a different runner today than I was at 6:29am on Saturday. With out boring you with 10 pages of introspective assessment, I'll just say that I feel a shift as a runner. During this run I felt and thought differently than I ever have and it's 100% positive and organic. No race has ever done this for me.

Soon after the run I warmed up my 3.5 pound chopping axe and lit fire to the 8 pound splitting maul and wasted myself on 2 logs. Big logs about 4ft long and 18" diameter. It takes about 100 swings to chop it in to 3 sections (I've let my axe get dull to make it more difficult). Then splitting the sections is a lot of hard swings with the maul. I had to sit down for a few minutes between logs and right now my forearms are jelly and my shoulders, back and core are burning. Awesome workout with the sun shining and the silence of the mountains. A chainsaw would ruin it for me... sort of like driving my runs instead of running them.

Here are my (9.6 mile) lap splits from the 50 mile. Nice and even with the exception of the last loop. I was very cautious on the technical section.
Lap 1 (0-11 miles)- 1:14 (with the added 2.3 on the first loop it was 1:29)
Lap 2 (11-21 miles)- 1:16
Lap 3 (21-31 miles)- 1:15
Lap 4 (31-40 miles)- 1:16
Lap 5 (40-50 miles)- 1:20


Dave said...

I know what you mean about the organic feeling. I think that's why I love to run more than biking and swimming. It's just me out there, nothing else.
Sounds like you really found something with the ultra stuff! Makes me wanna try one!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lucho said...

Dave- 'Organic' was a very revised description of what I felt, but still quite accurate. I've been searching for over a decade for the feeling I had during Saturday's race. Now that I found it it feels like doors opened in my mind. My feet never touched the ground today.
Happy Tgiving to you too!

Brandon Fuller said...

Love it. Can't wait to run 100 with you!

Lucho said...

Definitely Brandon!

Wende said...

You sound good Tim. I'm so happy for you. I wonder how this awakening will affect the other areas of your life? Do you think it will change your coaching approach at all?

Hope you guys are having a happy Thanksgiving.XO to Benny and Liv.

Lucho said...

Hey Sis- We just had dinner with 10 adults and 12 toddlers... chaotic! It was fun to see Ben play with so many kids. He usually just steps back and watches the other kids for a minute then slips in quietly. He also hugged all the other kids as they left.
I've been working my way toward this change for quite a while so I've seen a lot of changes in everything already. I'm not sure if I am qualified to 'counsel' people though. I'm not completely sure how I made the change happen! Once I figure it out though I'll share :)