Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had another epic (for me) sleep last night. I hope to be racing 50 miles next month in Alabama. I'll mail my entry in tomorrow. The course is flat trails (700ft of elevation change every 9.5 mile lap). It's a whopping $32.00 with a race cap of 108 people. 108 people? $32.00? Kind of odd. I like it already. I may have to bring the cowboy hat.
I'm not nervous about the distance... ego? Confidence? Stupidity? I have a sweet 38 mile loop mapped out that I am itching to run, maybe tomorrow. It finishes with a 12 mile climb from 5300ft to 8200ft. That should give me some more perspective. I still haven't started training for next year, I'm still kind of on a break. I'm just piddling around with testing myself to see how I handle really long runs.
And I have a 1 week forced rest starting Friday morning at 9:00am. "Forced" as in I don't want blood filled testicles the size of a grapefruit after my vasectomy. 3 days of bed rest then 4 days of resuming normal activity- which in America means no exercise.
And this morning I jogged down by the wolves. They were howling. A while back, animal control came up and shot 5 of them after they got out of their pen. I think they missed their mates. It was pretty sad to hear.


keith_S said...

How disgusting and unsettling to hear about the wolves.

Glad to see you back on a fun track of running, I imagine you will do great.

Brandon Fuller said...

Got my V coming next month. A week? My friends all say a day with no running then usually back on it.

IronMatron said...

That's sad about the wolves.

God luck with the V. My observation of it from the sidelines was that it was really only a day of bed, and then pretty much fine! But yes, be smart.
I love how 38 miles isn't really training yet.

wende said...

I agree--what a sad and haunting sound that must have been...

blood-filled testes the size of grapefruit, nice Tim. I could have done without that visual :) Speedy and painless recovery to you!

Lucho said...

Just keepin it real sis... The woofs wuh really really sad. Either that or they wuh really tursty.

Thanks Keith- I feel completely rejuvenated, like running is all new to me now. Leadville should be interesting and a total blast to train for, and to race.

IM- I'm loving your blog. Your last post was great!

Brandon- I've read a gazillion threads on vasectomy and the Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS) and I'm convinced that the men who end up with chronic pain are the ones who don't take the recovery process seriously. I won't mess around with the possibility of feeling like I got kicked in the tenders for the rest of my life! 1 week of rest to have a lifetime of comfort is good math.

Brett said...

At the airport in Indy...I take out my Blackberry to see what's new in running, and its elephantitis of the testicles. Nice.

Almost as good as watching a 6 year old Denver boy stuck ina hot air balloon by himself.

J.P. Patrick said...

A $32 race in Alabama? Don't go, man. It sounds like a set-up to get guys in cowboy hats down to Alabama! (insert banjo)