Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 1:00

Amazing run this morning. When you step out of my drive way and hang a right- you run immediately up a switch back and then up a jeep road... the first 1.5 miles is below.

From the first step I felt awesome. Every muscle was loose and ready to run. All the tightness I felt yesterday was gone and I flew the downhills. Low HR, clear mind, beautiful scenery. The clouds were hanging over Walker Ranch and lapping up against Eldorado Canyon.

Walker Ranch


Matt said...

Nice. i guess i missed how you carried your nutrition yesterday. Camelback?

Lucho said...

You missed the rhino joke? Or the "hung like a burrito" GZ joke? :)
Ya, Camelbak. Which sucks. Having your nutrition on your back is a pain in the backside when trying to eat and run. I've had an idea for a running sling for years now. You would essentially be able to slide the pack around to the front while running. It would also have a bladder that you could refill at aid stations rather than need to switch packs or bladders. Whether I will or can make one is yet to be determined. It's a cool idea though.