Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My legs felt great today, no soreness just a faint tightness in a hip flexor. I was sleepy though, which is maybe more worrisome than soreness. I know from training for Ironman about endochrine system stress and how much it can mess you up. I walked instead of ran today for just 15:00 to loosen up and speed recovery on my legs.
I'm kicking around the idea of running Walker Ranch loops on Sunday if anyone is interested. 4 laps would be 30 miles which is my goal, but it's 7.5 mile loops so people could bail after they wanted to. I want to start early before the sun is up. I have exactly zero seconds of night running experience, plus the sunrises up here are the best.
Let me know if anyone wants to join! I'll hope to hold ~9:00-10:00 pace for as much as I can.


Brandon Fuller said...

That's not on my taper plan my new coach sent me. So I will pass. :)

Lucho said...

Ya, save it for next weekend. And pray the weather clears up.