Thursday, October 29, 2009


13 miles and a bunch of random pics. Legs felt awesome and it was absolute heaven to run. This weather suits me well.


Lee said...

Wow. It looks awesome up there. We only got about 6 inches in the Springs.

Do you use any sort of extra tread on your running shoes for days like today? I decided to try some Kahtoola Micro Spikes. Have you tried anything like them or Yaktrax? Just curious.

Lucho said...

Lee- I tried screws in my shoes last year but they kept bouncing around and lodging in between my toes, I couldn't see what the big deal about them was. :) The screws in my shoes hurt my feet so I ditched that. Today I had no trouble with footing. I think my foot plant is great for snow and ice. I land balanced over my feet and don't heel strike and have a high cadence (no over striding which is where the slip will happen). I slip once in a while but not enough to buy gripification devices.