Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday 20 miles

The last 17 miles in sub 6:00 pace. Here's a picture of the data. The Garmin had me at 1800 feet of climbing, BS. This after 3 miles of very easy warm-up.

I got a late start today and didn't get to the trail in Louisville until it was hot as crap. I finished the run and drove home by a bank clock that read 84 degrees... stupid. So, I got dehydrated on my run and had a pounding head ache by the end. I did a 3 mile warm-up then pushed as long as I comfortably could and went through 10 miles in 59:3X and 17 miles in 1:41:53, just a fraction of a tick under 6:00 pace. I bailed at this point simply because the heat was going to hurt me if I kept the effort. I ran a double out and back with Gatorade at both turn around points and drank 2 liters of water before starting... still not enough but my gut worked fine with the Gatorade and fueling wasn't a problem, no low blood sugar that I could tell. I had wanted to TT for over 20 miles today but it was prudent of me to bail at 17 and not risk getting sick. Dehydration is not something to poke a stick at. I've started Ironman marathons (one in Japan that was actually measured at 26.4 miles) bonking and literally seeing double and still ran under 3:00, but once your hydration levels fall you're screwed. The course today was all on cinder trail and not flat by Chicago's standard, that with the heat and yesterday's race I am quite pleased to hold sub 6 for 17 miles. This was easier than last weeks run... just different. I did see that I learned a little from last week's brain game and was able to relax and not focus on pace or distance which helped a ton.
We can examine the data and run with strict pace/ HR and eat right and drink right and stretch and lift and get massages and sleep and all this is certainly part of the key... but in the end it comes down to how effective your brain is at making your legs move. I'm starting to crave my pain threshold simply to explore and learn.


GZ said...

Smart pulling it off with the heat. That crap in doses can jack you for days.

This workout is doubly impressive given the race you did YESTERDAY.

Nice header picture.

Some guy Tim would tell me if I did this workout to eat, drink, and do shots of V-8.

Oh yeah - and a beer with your wife last night. Excellent. I imagine it has been a while since you have both been able to do that given the newborn.

GZ said...

Oh yeah - Garmin elevation data in its raw form is sadly wrong. You can turn the Garmin on, leave it on a table for an hour and it will say you gained and lost some ridiculous number of feet. The data needs to be smoothed by the software it gets imported into (which Garmin Connect, or Training Center does not do - but SportsTracks does).

Lucho said...

I think I got it close to a liter of Gatorade plus went in hydrated, but it was dumb. Both to try this in that heat and to not drink more. Funny, I felt the beers last night. A little groggy and sluggish to loosen up.
Ya- I know I didn't climb 1800ft... that was funny. I wish I could pull off a run like this with that climbing!
Next week I'll start early and get 20 under 2:00 easily. I never really pushed today. You can see in the data I worked in to the run quite easily. My 3 mile warm-up was in ~22:00 so I eased in to it. And the last mile sucked as I was having a migraine. Throw out those 2 miles and I ran quite well which shows yesterday's effort more than anything I think. Starting easy is the way to go for sure.

BRFOOT said...

Did you see that quote of David Goggins I posted? In case you missed it. "When I run I don't train my body I train my mind and hope my body can keep up"

Lucho said...

That's awesome. Thanks!

Ironboom said...

Money! Keep it up.