Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday 15 miles

Am) Flagstaff road. 12.5 miles. Avg HR 135. Max HR 160.

Pm) Busy day. Managed 3 miles of recovery jogging. No watch. I hate the .5 mile thing... do I run a .5 mile to even it out? Do I round up or down? My rule is that I round down if I am .5 short, round up only if I am within .25 short. I guess it all evens out in the end. If I'm between .5 and .25 short then the world will end.


J.P. Patrick said...

No heart rate monitor this morning. I'll bet I topped at 170 at the steep section above Amphitheatre. I'm going to go low and slow all summer in prep for my Ironman Louisville and then California International Marathon in Dec. so I plan on strapping it back on. Thanks for the final 50M push today!

Lucho said...

Ya it was fun. Good to meet you again. I always thrived on pure MAF training for the Ironman, little intensity needed.