Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Aerobic Test

5 miles in 30:59.
6:12 pace.
Avg HR 147.
Max HR 151.
First mile in 5:57 with average HR 144.

Then 800 in 2:36 avg HR 155/ max HR 163.


Josh said...

Hey Amigo-

Why are you going with 150bpm as your max on that test? What does 150bpm correlate to?

Lucho said...

My 3 key HR data points. LT, AeT, and base intensity. Basically they break down as 178/ 165/ 150 respectively. I'm using a bit of past experience and also my LT. ~30 beats below LT allows me to run as many miles as I want and not break down. Once I start pushing too hard then my mileage suffers. Right now I am still adapting to mileage at the expense of intensity. As I get stronger I want to start pushing more to AeT regularly.
140-150 has been my sweet spot for a long time and I know it works well for me in keeping me healthy, not over trained, and still moving forward.

Technically it is also close to my MAF (with the 5 beat bump).

Lucho said...

And one more thing- I'm 18 weeks from Chicago so limited intensity is appropriate. As soon as I feel strong enough I will limit my time spent at HR 140-150 and start trying to develop pace specific to my marathon goal. I am tempted to skip the 'fundamental' period this year and never go over LT. Since the number of running coaches in the world that understand what HR is about, is 1 (me), I'm sort of doing trial and error with all of this. I will have enough data to write a book on training for the marathon with HR!

Josh said...

Sounds like a plan. You definitely know your stuff, no doubt about it.

What I'm thinking about is the fact that my LT (based on your definititon, I think one hour effort) is 165bpm while yours is 178bpm. So, I typically do my training in that 140-150 range as well. I think for IM I should be starting sub 140 and building a bit hopefully being able to lift the effort to a 150bpm or slightly under by the end. Not sure what my point is other than thinking out loud at this point and the fact that if I'm running at 150bpm which is would be my MAF as well, I'm running relatively harder than you.

Lucho said...

You've just nailed the inherent flaw with MAF! Which is why I haven't been following it for the marathon (I've bumped it a little). MAF has happened to be extremely effective for me, coincidence I think. Or, it has forced me to run so conservative that I can push huge mileage?
Using LT HR- you are training much more intensely than I am. Your 150 is my ~160 which is close to marathon effort for me! That's quite intense IMO. ~30-20 beats below LT is the sweet spot and I think that using LT HR to determine training intensity is far superior to any formula. The MAF formula was designed around the assumption of a 180 Vo2 max HR... not that much different than using the bogus max HR formula. I tend to give athletes training zones based on LT then adjust according to PE and long run HR averages. Also, look at how you feel for the following 48 hours post long run. If you ran too hard then you'll be wasted.