Friday, May 8, 2009


am) 12 miles average HR 133. This run puts me at 66 miles for the week. Saw my first snake of the year. I ran the perimeter of White Ranch and it's obviously been warm enough to rouse the snakes, or at least one of them, from their winter hibernation. This was a fairly big Bull Snake that wasn't warmed up yet from the morning chill and the sun had just come up. I grabbed it's tail to move it off the trail and it was sluggish. Not quite as fun as when they're hot and pissed off!


Matt said...

You're losing focus. Take that Walker Ranch(?) FKT(?). You know what I mean. Knock that thing out.

Yeah, I'm fired up. And I can now comfortably say you did kick JK1's ass in that 10k. You're going to have a good year of racing, tw.

Now, get after it!

Lucho said...

Naaaah. Jeff, turns out, is quite sick. Plus he's been biking a ton. Can't say I kicked his ass.
You would like Walker Ranch and White ranch which is actually more difficult and longer.
Thanks Matt