Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bob's race report from the 7th IAU World 24 Hour Challenge.

I made it home last night. Waking up in my own bed this morning was like arriving at the end of some strange psychedelic trip. I hope to never slip down that rabbit hole again.
Along the way:
Took unintended tour of NYC boroughs in an ancient Crown Victoria with Ethiopian marathoner. Received heroes welcome in Bronx Little Italy restaurant. Rode dirtiest train to most decrepit hotel in Italy. Kicked out of a seminary. Wilted in the heat. Rallied in the night into the top 15. Started pissing blood. Started vomiting. A beautiful Italian EMT demanded I get in her ambulance and be taken to the hospital. By the time the EMT was convinced I was alright to continue I wasn't. Gave up after hours of walking, shivering and being unable to eat and drink. Did occasional laps to use port a john on other side of the course. Ran last 80 minutes without calories after our third scorer wandered off to the hotel. Mistook onset of food poisoning with post race exhaustion. Spent day in Milan with 100 plus fever, vomiting every 15 to 20 minutes. Told by Italian doctor to take five medications every five hours and not fly for three days. Missed flight. Unable to follow simplest of instructions spent six hours trying to move to hotel closer to the airport. Traveled from 8 am in Milan to 10:30 pm Louisville. Have barely eaten since the race started Sat. morning.

To say I'm glad to be back would be an understatement.


PS My night time rally coincided nicely with changing into full length Skins. Though completely gutted with disease and exhaustion my legs actually feel pretty good. Skins on flights are now an essential.


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