Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday 23:00

I went to the track this morning to do my workout- warmed up 20:00 easy. Then ran 4 X 200 in 37"... felt like crap. Came home and went back to bed. These are the key sessions for me really. Listening to my body explicitly will get me farther faster than if I had forced the workout.


dude said...

For the first time in 18 years of endurance sports I experience the beauty of training soley by feel. It is truly a magic thing! I am more relaxed, faster and have more fun.
I have no regrets though as I feel I could not have executed proper by-feel training any earlier. It takes a hell a lot of experience to succeed at it. As simple as it sounds, as difficult a proper execution is. When you start working out you are never sure what the training will really be like. I have done many fast finish runs since but also had my fair share of runs that never went beyond 8min pace.

Once I finally bagged my mile focused ego, I never looked back.

Keep running mate,

p.s. i very much admire matt fitzgerald for his work but he seems to not have succeeded yet in applying his own trainig on himself.

Lucho said...

This time last year I would have forced today's track workout. I'll be giving it another go tomorrow and see how I feel.
"As simple as it sounds, as difficult a proper execution is". Good point. I'm hopefully learning.