Monday, March 2, 2009

We've become pets..

Olivia, the fox that keeps coming to the house, came up and sat with me on the deck this morning. She seemed quite content just to hang out and share her company.


Brett said...


The only foxes we get in our neighborhood are rabid lol.

paulkindzia said...

That's a bit better than my squirrels and birds.

BRFOOT said...

What a trip. That's like the animals in the Galapagos, totally unafraid of us.

Lucho said...

Brett- Scary article! The animals get the Bubonic Plague out here.

Paul- We don't have many squirrels.. because of the fox.

Brfoot- It does seem like someone fed her before. I know if I started to feed her now, as tame as she is now, she would probably sit in my lap. I don't think were going to feed her though. We have Ben plus another one in coming soon.. little kids and wild animals don't mix well. I want the fox to not let people walk up to her.
I love marine iguanas..

BRFOOT said...

I think you speak wise words about the kids and the animals. Marine igauans are cool. But they would let you know if you got to close. Whereas the birds and the sea lions could care less.

RunColo said...

That's a trip, cool!