Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Long run

It took a monumental effort to get out the door this morning. I feel like I have raced twice this week..and technically I guess I have. Wednesday's hill intervals followed by Thursday's beat down by Bob and Steve. Then Saturday's intervals with Steve again. My shoulders and legs are exhausted and burn when I stand up. It took me about an hour from the time I put my Skins on to when I finally stepped out my door, I kept finding things to do besides go run. Here is this morning's route profile:

Short of driving down to Boulder- this is pretty much what I have to run on.. there really isn't an easier route.
This level of fatigue has been my "comfort zone" for years. I haven't really felt this way in many months, but now that I'm somewhat crushed and it's back, it's obvious why I haven't really performed well in the past. Next week is an increase in mileage, then a rest week. On March 15th I have my first race since October 18th!! I haven't toed a start line in nearly 5 months.

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Anonymous said...

i enjoy visiting your site. the colors change every other day. it's better than a mood ring.


p.s. no construction updates? bah.