Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 16 mile Long run

16 miles in 2:20 at HR 138. Max HR 151. 1700ft of climbing.


C Brad Poppele said...

Wow! You sure bounce back fast. Just a few days ago you were doing like 2-3 mile runs. Keep it up! How many miles was this run?

Lucho said...

Hey C- This type of running is my strength and I'm the most comfortable putting in miles. This will also be the focus for the next 42 weeks- build mileage. I posted the elevation profile for the run.. it was a tough route with 1700ft of climbing which, with a HR cap of just 150, I walked quite a bit at the end due to cardiac drift. The steepest climbs all come at the end too(my neighborhood, lucky me!).
The last week has been just a rest break so the "jump" is somewhat appropriate. The intensity from the last 7 weeks is the culprit for my 'crash' so these types of run being so low in intensity (IMO) aren't hard.

C Brad Poppele said...

Yes that's a tough looking profile plus at altitude to top it off. I think my HR would be off the charts on a run like that, since I live at sea level. Keep blogging I enjoy following you.
Take care,