Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday totally psyched..

12.2 miles in 1:32:28 with an average HR of 139 at average pace of 7:35..
And on this route:

Things are coming back and I'm quite optimistic that I took over my own training before I dug myself into too deep a hole.
After the last couple of weeks I have examined my diet more closely. I've nearly doubled my hydration. I've cut my fat intake (I'm quite diligent already in choosing quality fats like almond butter, avocado, canola, flax and olive oil. My trans fat intake is zero and my saturated fat intake is extremely low). I've replaced those calories with carbohydrate and have started eating bread again. My protein intake is somewhat modest already so I have kept that the same. I weigh 145 lbs today and want to avoid gaining weight so over all calorie intake will stay the same. I think it's important to stay within sight of goal race weight. Can you tell I have re-read both Lance Armstrong books this week?


Dave said...

Good for you man! I'm glad to see you're back on the right track. It seemed pretty like a pretty quick transition back to everything going the right way. Do you think it's more than just the coaching and the diet and perhaps your positive outlook and being more comfortable? Nonetheless, you do your homework so I'm sure everything else you're putting into it has a HUGE influence.

Lucho said...

Thanks Dave- In the last 8 days I've run 18 miles, it seems I've averted a full on melt down. I have no doubt that part of my problems have been mental. Once I started to see my numbers fall off my mental attitude went with them. From day one I also doubted the training, partly because the "coach" never asked me any questions regarding my current, recent, or past training. He never asked me a single question in regards to me.. so from day one I knew the schedules weren't for me. In a way I think that set me up to fail- not believing in what I was doing. Now I'm back on the right track. In the last week I have read even more on altitude- outside of scientific stuff and more anecdotal which I think can be better sometimes. I'll give a few ideas a go and see, and know.

Josh said...


Ahhh, much better.

Which Armstrong books?


Lucho said...

"It's Not About the Bike" and "Lance Armstrong's War"
How are you doing? What races are you training for? You're coached by Alan C. aren't you?